If you are in need of immediate care, click here for Colorado Crisis Services.


I provide individual, couple’s, and family therapy services to clients ages 18 and above. I take a systems-based approach and often recommend and provide information about other services and resources that may supplement therapy and set you up for more success in meeting your goals and needs. 

Due to the nature of my practice, I am not equipped to be responsive in emergency situations. Sessions are generally provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If you are in need of immediate support, please visit the nearest crisis center or contact Colorado Crisis Services.

I do not provide reunification services, and I do not participate in worker’s compensation, divorce, or custody evaluations/ proceedings. 


My primary specialty is supporting clients who are interested in addressing the traumatic stress they have experienced in their lives. This includes trauma of any type. I have extensive training and experience helping clients build skills to heal their mind-body systems while recovering from and tending to the impacts of trauma. Some of the modalities I provide to help clients address these symptoms include trauma-informed mindfulness and body-based interventions, as well as Cognitive Processing Therapy.

I am also passionate about and experienced in supporting clients who are seeking therapy to improve and navigate relationships. This may include someone’s relationship with themselves or others and often involves improving skills to increase effective, healthy communication, setting boundaries, managing stress, and generally improving overall self-nurturing. This may include couples or family therapy interventions. 

Other concerns I help clients address include: anxiety, life transitions, difficult adjustments, challenging family dynamics, chronic stress, career-related difficulties, building resiliency, and overall improvement of quality of life and mental wellness.